The Best of the Swinging Sixties: 60s Fashion Trends

It’s true what they say; “Fashion fades but style is eternal“. Which is why fast fashion often crashes and burns after the season is over, whilst vintage will always retain its timeless charm. This week, we’re celebrating one of the most incredible decades of our time. The 60s, a time where women were completely empowered by their wardrobes.  Here are some of the most iconic wardrobe items of the swinging sixties!



The iconic mini skirt was introduced into the fashion world by legendary fashion designer Mary Quant, who was a key part of the Mod and Youth fashion movement. And her chosen vessel to express her art? No other than the amazing Twiggy – who wore the mini skirt beautifully.



Working hand in hand with the mini dress / mini skirt phase, go-go boots were all the rage back in the 60s.



The glamorous First Lady of the sixties, Jackie Kennedy (better known as Jackie O) made history with her chic, enviable style. Her most iconic accessory has to be her oversized sunglasses – and boy have we kept that trend going ever since!



Big prints and loud colours were a huge part of this inspiring decade. The sixties was all about expression and optimism, and bold prints like these were incorporated not just into fashion, but also interior design in the home.



Jackie-O not only inspired big, oversized sunnies and elegant pillbox hats, but she also led the way with the ultra-chic boxy jacket. Boxy jackets can be long or short and can be extremely flattering for most body shapes.


60s peter pan collar

The adorable Peter Pan collar made a huge comeback in recent years. But it first made tracks in the swinging sixties and looked great with the iconic mini shift dress.


60s headbands

Think Woodstock 1969 when the hippie movement was at its peak. Headscarves, headbands and forehead bands were popular throughout the decade and they’re still one of our favourite accessories today.

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Vintage Accessories: 5 Ways to Wear a Vintage Brooch

Vintage brooches are fabulously versatile. If you’ve received a vintage pin brooch in your ‘Bello box this month, you’ll be delighted to know that there are so many different ways you can style yours! Here are 5 fantastic ways to wear a vintage brooch…

1| Wear it on Your Jacket 

wear brooch on jacket

One of the most popular ways to style a brooch is on the breast or lapel of your jacket. But you don’t have to stick by the rules when it comes to pin brooches; go brooch crazy with a clash of shapes and colours or if you’re going jacket-less, try styling the brooch in the centre of your outfit for something totally different.

2| Adorn a Headscarf

different ways to wear a brooch

Headscarves are sooo stylish don’tcha know? Not only are they completely chic and retro but they also hide all manners of sins when it comes to a bad hair day. Now you can really make your vintage scarf pop by adding a vintage brooch embellishment. This also saves you from tying the scarf in a knot.

3| Style it in Your Hair

wearing brooch in hair

A brooch in your hair can look utterly divine. Jazz up a messy bun instantly by adding a touch of glitz, and you can transform daytime tresses into an evening up-do. If your vintage brooch is light enough, it should be easy to incorporate into most hairstyles – and it looks oh so fabulous for any occasion!

4| Pin it to Your Handbag 

ways to wear a vintage brooch ideas

If you have some tired handbags that just don’t excite you anymore, why not give them a vintage revival with a pretty pin brooch? A central placement will turn your brooch into the bag’s key feature whilst an off-centre placement will help to complement existing prints and colours. Or go all out and create an eclectic look with clashing brooches from different decades and eras.

5| Turn it into a Necklace 

turn a brooch into a necklace

Another amazing way to style a vintage brooch is to transform it into a necklace. Vintage beads make the perfect partner in crime – or if you’re skilled in jewellery customisation, you could really create a one of a kind piece.

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How to Wear Vintage Beads

Beads are so fabulous dahling. And if you’re a fan of the 60s and 70s, you’ll probably agree. But we know that not everyone knows how to rock the retro bead so we bring you some fantastic style inspiration!  If you’ve received beautiful vintage beads in your latest Style By Portobello subscription box, here are four fantastic ways to wear them.


how to wear bead necklace

If you’re the proud owner of an eclectic bead collection, create drama (like Rihanna) by layering them together for a head-turning look. Whether you choose matching hues or clashing colours, bead layering is a superb way of jazzing up a basic outfit.


how to wear beads twist

‘Seedbead’ was hot in the 70s and can be done with smaller beads if you’re looking to create that boho hippie look. Or create understated glamour using larger monochrome beads. Simply twist together and finish off with a new jewellery clasp – or for a temporary twist, just tie together with some invisible cotton thread on both ends.


how to wear vintage beads

(img src:

If you want something completely different, why not try styling beads in your hair. Drape around a top knot or ballerina bun and secure into place using hair grips.


CHOKER BEADS how to wear


This look is so easy and so chic. With an element of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s, the beaded choker necklace is full of class and sophistication. If you have a long necklace instead of a bib necklace, simply loop it around until you have some choker length layers.

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Our Most Stylish Vintage Icons Through the Decades

Here at Style By Portobello, we take inspiration from all around us. We love LFW, we dip our toes into celebrity fashion and we even look to the high street for ideas. But one of our biggest and most important influences doesn’t come from today; it comes from decades passed. That’s why we love the Portobello markets so much. Because vintage has stood the test of time. And true classics never die.

If like us, you just can’t enough of vintage fashion, take a look at some of the biggest vintage style icons who have influenced us here at the Style By Portobello office…

twiggy 60s fashion icon

Twiggy was a sensation in the 60s and she’s living proof that true beauty lasts forever, as 5 decades on and she’s been named the face of L’Oreal yet again. But here at Style By Portobello, we still look back to her early days for style inspiration.

jean_shrimpton fashion 60s

Another darling of the swinging sixties is the English model and actress, Jean Shrimpton. Her famous floral head garland and her huge back-combed hair gave her a leading role in fashion and still influences us today.

cher 70s icon

Cher didn’t do things by halves and that’s what we loved about her. She first made her singing debut in the 60s, rose to stardom in the 70s and made a little comeback in the 80s.  With every decade, she made her style stand out and this lady knew how to dress for drama.

madonna 80s fashion icon

It doesn’t matter what you think of Madge today. Because there’s no denying that in her early days, Madonna was God. She MADE the 80s and there are so many remnants of her unique style in today’s vintage markets. It’s all about accessories, accessories, and accessories. If in doubt, just add more accessories. And that’s what we’ve learnt from the one and only Queen of Pop.

kate moss 90s style icon

If you’re interested in simple styling and laid-back elegance then like us, you probably worship Kate Moss. Her early years as a young model took the world by storm – and we all fell in love with her. Natural beauty Kate made a simple jeans and t-shirt, a classic white shirt or scraped back hair and barely-there-makeup look utterly AMAZING.

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