Vintage Spotlight: 282 Portobello Road for Vintage Footwear

where to buy vintage shoes london

Last week, we shared our miniature Guide to Notting Hill in a Weekend, and Style By Portobello’s founder (and long term resident) Nzinga Russell shared her tips on the best places to eat, drink and shop. Nzinga also gave us a little tip about one of her favourite vintage shops, 282 Portobello Road…“If you’re looking for vintage shops then 282 Portobello Road is the place. Owner, Claudia, has the best eye for what will suit you.”

282 Portobello Road is a trove of amazing one-of-a-kind pieces. It’s the type of shop you walk into not intending to spend, but then you’ll find yourself walking out with the type of garments that will have everyone you know asking “Where did you get that from?”

where to buy vintage shoes london

And when it comes to vintage shoes? You’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven. Walking into Claudia’s shop is like opening a treasure chest of the most amazing vintage loafers, vintage brogues, boots and heels – all of which are in amazing condition.

As much as we love vintage fashion, we admit that shopping for vintage shoes isn’t easy and can be off-putting for even the most avid vintage shoppers; sizing can be a major issue with vintage footwear (trying on in store is essential) and quality can be a problem when you factor in natural wear and tear. Because of this, most vintage boutiques focus their product range on clothing and outerwear. That’s why shops like 282 Portobello Road are so wonderfully rare…

best vintage shops in london

The truth about vintage footwear is that they are often much better quality than the throwaway shoes of today. Handmade and hand finished, vintage shoes are built to last and last. Claudia’s vintage shop offers a huge (and ever growing) collection of one-off vintage shoes in every size; if you’ve got a thing for real leather loafers, high quality handmade brogues or gorgeous leather boots, this is the place you need to check out in London.

best vintage shops london

Pop in and see Claudia and don’t forget to follow 282 Portobello Road on Instagram if you want a sneak peek into the world of Notting Hill life; Claudia loves to post daily photos of her most stylish customers so it’s a fantastic account for vintage style inspiration, and we just love it!

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A Weekend in Notting Hill: Mini Neighbourhood Guide

There are fewer places in London as wonderful as Notting Hill. With its colourful houses and stylish boutiques, it’s quaint and full of diversity. Yet just 50 years ago…..things were rather different…..

notting hill visitor guide

The last 40 years have seen an incredible transformation and today we’re left with the most incredible cultural hybrid: a diverse and affluent neighbourhood, a safe and welcoming place for every ethnic minority, a vibrant atmosphere, inviting white-washed terraces and pastel coloured houses, and a bustling market that we vintage lovers like to call home. If you’re here for the weekend, take a few tips from Style By Portobello‘s founder, former vintage stall holder and long term resident, Nzinga Russell. She’s got all the insider tips to make your weekend a memorable one. Here’s a little guide to exploring Notting Hill in a weekend…



Nzinga says: “Start your Saturday morning off like a local and grab a bite to eat at Ottolenghi on Ledbury Road.”

notting hill breakfast guide

Ottolenghi is a great place to pick up a delicious pastry or a healthy breakfast. Nzinga tells us that it’s always packed but totally worth it.

Once fuelled, head to Portobello Road and indulge in some fab shopping – vintage of course! Great jewellery to be found at the top of the Bello just after the junction with Westbourne Grove. Divine clothing on the stalls under the white canopy at Portobello Green (junction of Portobello Road and Cambridge Gardens). Our current favourite stalls are Natalie’s and Charlie’s. They are pretty much next door to each other on the Cambridge Road side. (If you can start your weekend early and get to the market on a Friday then Sarah’s stall is fab. She’s on Instagram @london.vintage).

Nzinga says: “If you’re looking for vintage shops then 282 Portobello Road is the place. Owner, Claudia, has the best eye for what will suit you.”


where to eat acklam village

By now it’s lunch time so you just have to sample the global street food at Acklam Village. They’ve always got great live music playing too. Then it’s off to Graffik Gallery for a bit of contemporary street art at its best.

art notting hill graffik gallery

After your culture fix comes your coffee fix. So on you walk back up to Notting Hill Gate and make a little pit stop at The Farm Girl Cafe. We love it in there.



Nzinga says: “So Sunday is chill day. And there’s no better way to chill than at a matinée at the Electric Cinema.”

notting hill guide cinema

The Electric Cinema is a historical wonder and the interiors of the cinema room feature 65 leather armchairs complete with side table and footstool, as well as three double seater sofas and six double beds with cashmere blankets. Now that’s what we call “chill”.


vintage shopping guide notting hill

For another shopping fix, Nzinga tells us that the Sunday Market is a real undiscovered gem; so after your film, head back to the white canopy at Portobello Green. After your last bit of vintage bargain hunting you can finish off ‘Scandi style’ at Lisa’s Kitchen & Bar.

Nzinga says: “Don’t miss Lisa’s; we love the interiors as much as we love the food.”

food guide notting hill


At the end of a long day, there’s nothing better than relaxing and putting your feet up, wherever your digs may be. But here in Notting Hill, hotels and guesthouses aren’t the only option for visitors.

Nzinga says: “I recommend booking with Air BnB so you can really get a taste of our ‘hood’.”

guide to notting hill

And let’s not forget dinnertime in Notting Hill either. Because the Notting Hill neighbourhood is a brilliant place to wine and dine, especially if you love gastronomy, quality local ingredients and amazing, diverse food from all corners of the globe.

nightlife guide notting hill

Goode & Wright on Portobello Road has a lovely bistro feel. Then cap the night off at Notting Hill Arts Club. Great music, great crowd.

We hope you enjoy your visit and have a fantastic time in Notting Hill. If you follow our recommendations and love your experience, then we want to hear about it! Tweet us on @stylebybello or share your Instagram snaps with us on @stylebyportobello – we’d love to see what you’ve been up to! And please don’t forget to share this Notting Hill visitor’s guide with anyone who may be coming to Notting Hill in the future…

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Get Creative with Vintage: 4 Ways to Use Vintage Clip-On Earrings

Fable has it that the Victorians started a little rumour once upon a time…..shh, according to ladies of the 1800s and early 1900s, pierced ears were said to be “very uncouth”. And it seemed that the whole world took this on board, because up until ear piercings became popular in the 1970s, much of 20th Century fashion was ruled by screwbacks and clip-on earrings. So if you’re looking at vintage jewellery any time before the 70s, you’ll no doubt find a few clip-on treasures along the way. But even after pierced ears came into fashion, clip-ons still had a big part to play. Look at the 80s for instance…

80s clip on earrings dior chanel

Dior, Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent designed many bold jewellery pieces over the years, including clip-on earrings. So this look is not bound by decade. Whether you’re rummaging through your mum / grandma’s jewellery box or shopping around at a vintage market, clip-on earrings are in abundance. But not everyone realises just how versatile they are. If you have pierced ears and don’t like clip-on earrings, there are so many other uses for them. Here are some creative ways you can turn your vintage clip-on earrings into something super stylish.

1. Use them as Paper Clips

vintage clip on earrings paper clip

NYC style consultant Jessie Artigue from Style & Pepper shows us that fashion doesn’t always have to be ‘about the person’. You can inject a little vintage glamour into your office too; if you have a bundle of clip-on earrings going to waste, turn them into paper clips and make your day to day filing look ultra chic. Watch her full video for more tips.

2. Use them as Shoe Clips

DIY vintage earring shoe clips

If you really can’t find a place for them in your jewellery collection then why not turn them into decorative shoe clips? Embellish a plain pair of court heels or some everyday flats by adding a little bit of vintage bling! Other than a fabulous pair of clip-on vintage earrings, you will also need some shoe clips, some industrial strength glue, a pair of jewellery pliers and a toothpick or bobby pin. Watch a step by step tutorial by Makeful on Youtube to find out how you can create beautiful vintage shoe clips in minutes.

3. Turn it into a Cocktail Ring

turn vintage earrings into rings

If you’re a fan of big, bold and blingy cocktail rings, vintage clip-on earrings from the 1980s are totally perfect. Gold and silver were both popular metal colours in the 80s so you will be sure to find something perfect to go with your evening and party outfits. Clip-on earrings are notoriously uncomfortable; so if you have some gorgeous designer clip-on earrings that you just can’t wear on your ears, turn them into cocktail rings instead. This is a superb way of adding that vintage designer touch into your ensemble. Get the full tutorial from the Crafts Unleashed blog.

4. Turn it into a Necklace Pendant

turn earring into necklace vintage DIY

They say that “one is the loneliest number” and when you’ve lost an earring, it can be pretty frustrating when it comes to knowing what to do with the other. Do you keep it for sentimental purposes? Throw it away? Or try and find another to make a pair? Easy; you turn it into a necklace pendant. Get the full details on how to do this over on Houston Makerspace.

Love how creative these ideas are? Don’t forget to show us your DIY vintage creations on Twitter or Instagram. And if you’re looking to grow your collection of vintage jewellery pieces, be sure to sign up to the Style By Portobello vintage subscription box; a monthly box of vintage jewellery, bags and accessories delivered to your door.

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#FlashbackFriday: Bring Back Brightly Coloured Tights from the 60s!

how to wear coloured tights 60s

Think Twiggy, think Mary Quant, think Peggy Moffit. Think Jean Shrimpton. Think flower power. Think block colour. Think polka dots. The 1960s was a time when tights became more than just tights; they became yet another vessel of communication and expression in the world of fashion and ‘bright colours’ was the leading theme of that decade. Brightly coloured tights were used to clash, contrast or complement an outfit (depending on how rebellious you were feeling) and for #flashbackfriday we take a look at who did it best, past and present.

Here’s a little glimpse back at one of our favourite bold trends of the flower powered sixties, and a look at some of our favourite icons in bright coloured tights.

Coloured Tights in the 60s…

jean shrimpton tights 60s

This photo of Jean Shrimpton is iconic.  Teaming beautiful purple tights with a contrasting textured top / dress, this outfit really pops. It’s got the fun, flirtatious elements of 60s fashion yet it still remains wonderfully sophisticated.

twiggy tights

A favourite model of designer Mary Quant, Twiggy’s outfits were all about contrasts; whether she was rocking monochromatic tones and geometric shapes or bright colours that clashed with one another, Twiggy was always sporting an interesting mix of styles. Twiggy shows us that we can go for seamless colour combinations (matching a green dress with green tights) or soft , feminine combos (pink dress with white tights). The options are endless.

peggy moffitt tights

This image of model Peggy Moffitt is one of the most amazing photographs of the 1960s and probably one of the first recorded images of true colour blocking. This look is bright, fun yet still so slick and elegant. A simple black knit is complemented with bright accents of colour; and the pink tights plus clashing red shoes just finish off the outfit perfectly.

Coloured Tights Today…

SJP bright tights

Sarah Jessica Parker never fails to amaze us with her fashion sense. She’s gone for the alternative look and brightened up a rainy day with some bright 1960s inspired colour popping. This look isn’t for everyone but we just love her retro outfit and she’s certainly got the legs to pull it off.

cara delevingne bright tights

In these shots for a magazine, Cara Delevingne is styled like one of our favourite 1960s icons, Twiggy. The short hair, the big doll eyes, the stark nude lip, and some bright white tights take us back in time. This image shows us that rocking the coloured tights look from the 60s doesn’t always have to be about colour clashing; white tights make a simple, sophisticated choice and they are very easy to style with just about anything.

Paloma Faith tights

Take a walk on the wild side with Paloma Faith and work the clashing colours with confidence. Her look is very ‘out there’ but if you’re not feeling up to it, why not tone it down by styling bright tights (just like Paloma’s) with a simple LBD. It will be a great pop of colour to an evening outfit.

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