November 20th, 2016

One of our favourite bloggers is Yvadney Davis from blog http://styleafternine.com/. She was one of the first bloggers to discover us when we launched. She describes her blog as, ‘a style loving journey through mummyland for mums and kids, because style doesn’t end with motherhood’ and we couldn’t agree more which is why we just had to chat with her about her style, her powerful phrase – Mums that slay – and of course, vintage fashion. We hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as we did.


c/o Instagram @yvadney, styleafternine.com
c/o Instagram @yvadney, styleafternine.com

Your blog kills it when it comes to inspiration and tips for the life and style of all hip mums out there. Having created your blog, Style After Nine, what do you love most about blogging?

Firstly, I love how it challenges me to keep experimenting with my own style and enjoy it. There’s no point in encouraging other mums to enjoy their style if I’m not taking my own advice.

The biggest thing, however, has been the positive feedback I get from readers who have read a post and felt empowered to throw caution to the wind, regardless of their post-baby bodies and wear the clothes they want to. To know I’ve helped women to look at themselves in a positive way is all I want – it’s all about self loving, not self-loathing.

c/o Yvadney Davis, styleafternine.com
c/o Yvadney Davis, styleafternine.com

One of your straplines is ‘Mums that slay’ which we just love. How does one become a mum that slays?

A mum that slays, is The Queen of her style. She’s not worried about fashion trends or following the pack, instead she oozes confidence and self love, with a mum tum, jiggly boobs, bingo wings, dark circles and obligatory squirming baby under one arm. She owns her “defects” and rocks fashion with all the swag of a supermodel.

c/o Yvadney Davis, styleafternine.com
c/o Yvadney Davis, styleafternine.com

Who are your inspirational ‘Mums that slay’?

Solange Knowles, Gwen Stefani, Erykah Badu and M.I.A

How would you describe your style?

My style is pretty eclectic, I know that’s a bit of a cliche, but I’ve never been one to fit into a certain style posse. My look reflects my story, there are elements of street (giant earrings, trainers & hoodies), ladylike elegance (my appreciation of fashion history is endless) and my Caribbean heritage (lots of colour and prints).

c/o Yvadney Davis, styleafternine.com
c/o Yvadney Davis, styleafternine.com

What are your school run style essentials?

I like things I can throw on, but still have a bit of slaying power. For me, a funky rain coat is essential. My favourite is my metallic Asos jacket, because it’s not only practical when pushing a buggy and catching up with a toddler, but it cheers everyone else up too. I always have practical flats on, because we’re so close to the wire when it comes to the bell. Lastly, red lipstick and statement earrings.

How do you work vintage into your wardrobe?

I’ve been shopping in car boot sales, vintage and charity shops since I was a teenager, so have a real love for a good rummage through a treasure trove. Now that my weight has fluctuated after two pregnancies in the last 4 years, I love vintage accessories the most. Scarves, jaunty hats, jewellery and shoes make such a difference to my look, they add depth and individuality to all my high street clobber. I’m also a fan of vintage jackets, because the construction is always far superior than the mass produced stuff we wear now. My favourite piece is a pink cashmere Austin Reed double breasted blazer.

c/o @yvadney Instagram, styleafternine rocking her Style By Portobello vintage scarves
c/o @yvadney Instagram, styleafternine rocking her Style By Portobello vintage scarves

What’s your favourite decade for vintage fashion?

It has to be the 1930s, which I must add, is the most overlooked style decade. It held a juxtaposition between all the fuss of the twenties and the austerity of the forties, giving women much more choice with their fashion. On the one hand you had lots of fluidity, bias cut tea dresses, midi skirts and oversized ruffled sleeves. On the other you had quite masculine tailoring, with boyish wide legged trousers and cotton shirts.

You can also see it’s influence in 1970s fashion and also current, masculine V feminine, hard V soft.

Who would be your vintage style icon?

Kathryn Hepburn
Kathryn Hepburn

It has to be Katherine Hepburn, her character shone through her fashion choices. She was a style maverick and wore whatever she wanted and could switch between styles in an instant, which kept everyone on their toes. What would she wear next? A suit, full on evening dress, tropical crop top and midi skirt, hair in a top knot or coiffed to perfection?

So take Yvadney’s advice and whether you’re a mum or not, get out there and slay! Don’t forget to join in on her bi-monthly Monday #MumsThatSlay blog link up which is a celebration of mums who are slaying fashion & beauty, regardless of their bodies, breastfeeding, lack of sleep or jam-packed kids’ diaries.

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