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#FlashbackFriday: Bring Back Brightly Coloured Tights from the 60s!

how to wear coloured tights 60s

Think Twiggy, think Mary Quant, think Peggy Moffit. Think Jean Shrimpton. Think flower power. Think block colour. Think polka dots. The 1960s was a time when tights became more than just tights; they became yet another vessel of communication and expression in the world of fashion and ‘bright colours’ was the leading theme of that decade. Brightly coloured tights were used to clash, contrast or complement an outfit (depending on how rebellious you were feeling) and for #flashbackfriday we take a look at who did it best, past and present.

Here’s a little glimpse back at one of our favourite bold trends of the flower powered sixties, and a look at some of our favourite icons in bright coloured tights.

Coloured Tights in the 60s…

jean shrimpton tights 60s

This photo of Jean Shrimpton is iconic.  Teaming beautiful purple tights with a contrasting textured top / dress, this outfit really pops. It’s got the fun, flirtatious elements of 60s fashion yet it still remains wonderfully sophisticated.

twiggy tights

A favourite model of designer Mary Quant, Twiggy’s outfits were all about contrasts; whether she was rocking monochromatic tones and geometric shapes or bright colours that clashed with one another, Twiggy was always sporting an interesting mix of styles. Twiggy shows us that we can go for seamless colour combinations (matching a green dress with green tights) or soft , feminine combos (pink dress with white tights). The options are endless.

peggy moffitt tights

This image of model Peggy Moffitt is one of the most amazing photographs of the 1960s and probably one of the first recorded images of true colour blocking. This look is bright, fun yet still so slick and elegant. A simple black knit is complemented with bright accents of colour; and the pink tights plus clashing red shoes just finish off the outfit perfectly.

Coloured Tights Today…

SJP bright tights

Sarah Jessica Parker never fails to amaze us with her fashion sense. She’s gone for the alternative look and brightened up a rainy day with some bright 1960s inspired colour popping. This look isn’t for everyone but we just love her retro outfit and she’s certainly got the legs to pull it off.

cara delevingne bright tights

In these shots for a magazine, Cara Delevingne is styled like one of our favourite 1960s icons, Twiggy. The short hair, the big doll eyes, the stark nude lip, and some bright white tights take us back in time. This image shows us that rocking the coloured tights look from the 60s doesn’t always have to be about colour clashing; white tights make a simple, sophisticated choice and they are very easy to style with just about anything.

Paloma Faith tights

Take a walk on the wild side with Paloma Faith and work the clashing colours with confidence. Her look is very ‘out there’ but if you’re not feeling up to it, why not tone it down by styling bright tights (just like Paloma’s) with a simple LBD. It will be a great pop of colour to an evening outfit.

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The Iconic Fringe Jacket: A Vintage Trend Worn by Music Legends

vintage fringe jackets

According to recent catwalks, the bohemian trend which has been dipping its toes in and out of fashion and flirting outrageously with the runway, is making a serious comeback. That 60s / 70s look is set to be super hot in SS16 and girls are getting their fringe on in time for music festivals. It’s so Woodstock 69. But here at Style By Portobello, we’re not so moved by trends and what the designer catwalk dictates. We’ve loved that 70s look since the beginning of time and we’re big fans of the iconic fringe jacket. And we don’t believe that fringing gets any better than vintage fringing. So before you hit the high streets for a fast fashion fix, we think you should head to your local vintage market such as Portobello Road. 

As worn by some of the most iconic music stars of the 60s and 70s, the fringe jacket is a serious style statement, one that represents love, hedonism, freedom, progression, the hippie movement, liberal thinking, world peace and even a bit of self-indulgence. What started in the 1920s with flapper style dresses became a major look in the 1970s; taking inspiration from Native Indian clothing, the bohemian fringing that happened in Western fashion was a great representation of free thinking, openness and kindness. 

If you love 1970s vintage as much as we do, a fringed jacket or waistcoat is a wardrobe must-have. And whether you go for leather or suede, you can’t wrong with some vintage fringing this summer! Here are some of the most iconic people to have worn the fringe jacket.


vintage fringe jacket jimi hendrix


vintage fringe jacket janis joplin


GRACE SLICK fringe jacket


vintage fringe jacket HOW TO WEAR


vintage fringe jacket elvis


vintage fringe jacket marsha hunt


vintage fringing stevie nicks




If you love this iconic style of the 70s, browse the vintage stalls and boutique shops around Portobello and Golborne Road the next time you’re in the area. And for more vintage style updates, vintage shopping guides or vintage fashion inspiration, make sure you sign up to the Style By Portobello newsletter.

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Vintage Movie Style: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Breakfast at Tiffany’s is quite possibly one of the most iconic movies of our time. Based on Truman Capote’s novel about a young girl in New York City who falls in love with the handsome Paul Varjak (played by George Peppard), this 1961 American romantic comedy features some of the most quintessential fashion statements in history. This movie has laid the groundwork for female fashion and here are some of the most defining outfits which have shaped our runways, high streets and magazine pages through the decades.

The Audrey Hat 

breakfast at tiffany's style

No-one will ever forget the huge Audrey Hepburn hat, which appeared in one of the very first scenes of the movie when Holly met Paul for the first time. This statement hat is still much loved today and we get to see spectacular displays every summer at racing events such as Ascot.

The Oversized Sunglasses

breakfast at tiffany's style

Here at Style By Portobello, there’s nothing we love more than oversized sunnies. Oversized sunglasses cover all manners of sin, including evidence of a late night on the cocktails. This look is still very relevant today and we don’t think any girl should leave home without a pair of vintage Diors.

The Headscarf

breakfast at tiffany's style

Sign up for the Style By Portobello vintage subscription box and you might be the lucky recipient of your very own vintage scarf. Vintage scarves have become a huge trend amongst vintage stylistas and there are so many ways you can style them.

The Statement Coat 

breakfast at tiffany's style

Cocoon coats, boyfriend coats and duster coats are always in fashion and this amazing bright orange/red number from the movie looks fabulous with a fur winter hat.

Sparkly Statement Jewellery

breakfast at tiffany's style

There’s absolutely no room for ‘understated’ in the Breakfast at Tiffany’s movie. And these fabulous pieces from the Tiffany’s jewellery brand are still very much loved today.

Vintage Style Icon: Grace Jones (70s & 80s)

Grace Jones; you either get her or you don’t. We wouldn’t go as far as comparing her to Marmite because the truth is, even those who don’t “get” her still admire her from afar. Her style in the 70s and 80s was bold and daring she will go down in history as one of the most iconic females in the world of fashion.

But it wasn’t her style alone which made her so famous amongst New York’s celebrity circles in the late 70s; it was her hedonistic nature and her ability to get the party started. She famously became one of the most frequent party goers at New York’s Studio 54 Nightclub. This was at a time when 70s hedonism was at its peak and the crazy antics of the nightclub scene were often of an unspeakable nature; let’s just say, things got crazy. Almost as crazy as some of Grace Jones’ outfits. She was known for her daring boyish hair, her crazy hair pieces and her revealing evening ensembles. And whilst her look was seductive, it was also intimidating. But that’s what we love most about her style; she wore everything with conviction.  And that’s the key to true wardrobe confidence.

To celebrate our love for Grace Jones, here are some of our favourite images of her from the height of her singing career.





grace jones 70s 80s

grace jones 70s 80s

grace jones 70s 80s

grace jones 70s 80s

Do you have any vintage style icon? If so, we’d love to know who. Drop us a tweet at @Stylebybello and maybe we’ll feature them one day.

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