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Modern Vintage Stylistas: Bloggers Who Rock Vintage!

At Style by Portobello, we eat, sleep, dream and breathe vintage. Situated in the heart of all the vintage action here in London’s Portobello markets, there’s nothing we don’t know about vintage fashion. But we also know that rocking another decade isn’t always easy. If you need a little inspiration or guidance, why not look to our favourite vintage style bloggers?

Here are our top 5 modern vintage stylistas. These fashion bloggers rock vintage. And they make it look oh so easy…


top 5 vintage bloggers fashion

Ellie is just 17 but her style maturity blows us away. And we don’t mean she dresses like an old fuddy duddy; we mean she rocks every outfit with confidence that only comes with years of fashion knowledge and being comfortable in your own skin.  Just one look at Ellie’s wardrobe and you will get the notion that this girl dresses how she feels and doesn’t need to conform to trends. What an inspiration. And boy does she rock any print she desires – she is the print QUEEN. Check out Ellie’s blog Rose & Vintage for more outfits.


top uk vintage bloggers

There’s something so sweet and elegant about Catherine from Vintage Frills Blog.  Not only does her signature 50s look portray a wonderfully wholesome image but she also bakes, sews, paints and upcycles old furniture too. She sounds like a dream, right? Well we just love her flirty fifties wardrobe (sometimes sixties depending on her mood) and Catherine’s background in antique clothing, vintage buying and visual merchandising makes her all the more a must-follow blogger. This girl sure knows her stuff.


top vintage fashion bloggers uk

We have one word for this girl; fierce. How she makes every single outfit look so rock ‘n’ roll without even trying, we’ll never know. She’s obsessed with the 60s and 70s and her look is effortlessly boho. She’s intimidatingly confident with her dress sense and her wardrobe is simply to die for. If you’re looking for some gypsy/hippie inspiration, make sure you check out Sara Louise’s blog.


top vintage fashion bloggers uk

Man do we have a serious girl crush on Lereese from The Girl Who Stole Vintage blog. Not only does this vintage style blogger have her own vintage shop on Etsy (we love a girl boss!) but her sometimes-silver somtimes-purple hair adds an edge to her every outfit. Mixing vintage items with high street, Lereese proves that vintage is for everyone; you just have to know what to do with it. And she sure does.


top vintage fashion bloggers uk

Emma’s effortless wardrobe takes vintage to a whole new ethereal, understated and dreamy level. We love her look.  It’s very simple; it doesn’t shout, it doesn’t scream, it embraces vintage in the most elegant way. The perfect mix of high street and vintage inspired pieces, we think that Emma’s Looking Glass is the perfect read for someone who is dipping their toes into vintage for the first time.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our post on some of our favourite vintage style bloggers. If you have some favourite bloggers or would like to be considered for your next post, make sure you tweet us or follow us on instagram.