Style Inspiration – vintage festival fashion

Fashion has always taken centre stage when it comes to festivals. So in honour of Coachella here’s some vintage style inspiration for your festival style this year.

Whatever your tastes, there’ll be a festival look that speaks to your inner happy camper. So let the festival fashion frenzy begin!

Necklaces – We say, ‘pile ‘em high’. It’s all about the layering. We just love how Jane Birkin did it. Perfection.

Jane Birkin
Jane Birkin

Headgear – Simply put, a festival essential. Whether you go for a scarf headband à la Raquel Welch and Patti Harrison or go full blown flower power like Joni Mitchell and Drew Barrymore, the right head wear will do wonders for your look.

Raquel Welch
Raquel Welch
Patti Harrison
Patti Harrison
Top left: Joni Mitchell, top right: Woodstock, bottom: Drew Barrymore
Top left: Joni Mitchell, top right: Woodstock, bottom: Drew Barrymore

Gypsy chic – Festivals and gypsy chic go hand in hand and the style icons of times gone by wore the original look so well. The likes of Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac really made this look their signature style.

Stevie Nicks
Stevie Nicks
Stevie Nicks
Stevie Nicks

The tassel – Tassels scream festival and vintage divas such as Chaka Khan and sultry siren Raquel Welch (again) knew how to work them.

Chaka Khan
Chaka Khan
Raquel Welch
Raquel Welch

And finally…The crochet dress. These are everywhere right now but the vintage ones are the best. Whether you go for rainbow brights or ethereal white cotton and crochet mix, you can’t go wrong.


70 crochet dress


crochet dress 1975


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Here at Style By Portobello we just love spring. The less we wrap up, the more accessories we get to show off and as we all know, accessories make an outfit. So if you’re looking to add a touch of “je ne sais quoi” to your look, a vintage scarf will make a big statement. 

Style By Portobello vintage scarf

There’s the skinny scarf, the square scarf and the neckerchief, the rectangle, and then the fabrics: silk, cotton and acetate to name but a few. The combinations are endless as was shown on the catwalks for S/S 2016.

Photo c/o
Photo c/o

Wrapped, knotted or left open, scarves are an essential in any fashionista’s wardrobe; especially vintage  ones as the designs are so unique. Scarves are always a big hit in our Bello Boxes which is why we’ve launched a new offering  - Scarf Sets.


For £15 you will receive two gorgeously stylish, hand picked vintage scarves from Portobello Road market delivered straight to your door. Our team of stylists work wonders unearthing one-off patterns and designs that will ensure you stand out from the crowd. On top of that, they are super easy to style. So here’s some style inspiration to get your creative fashion juices flowing.

We love how Tatyana from blog,, styled one of the scarves from the scarf set we sent her.



Then we’ve got Sophia from blog, Brunette Swirls, adding some flair to her outfit with her Style By Portobello vintage scarf whilst on a weekend break in Belgium.




And we can’t get enough of @lellavictoria’s standout styling, using her Style By Portobello vintage scarf on her bag.

IMG_0227We’d love to see how you wear your vintage scarves. It’s all about sharing the style inspiration so tweet us @stylebybello and we’ll retweet.

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Vintage style Icon: Madonna

madonna 80s

Madonna has been a fashion icon since the late 70s / early  80s and even to this day (at the age of 57), this singer, songwriter, actress, entertainer and businesswoman refuses to be a wallflower.  And that’s exactly why we love her style so much here at Style By Portobello. To us, she’s a true vintage icon, one whom has left her stamp on the world and one whom isn’t easily forgotten. Throughout her successful career, Madonna has been here to shock her audiences and the controversial lyrical content of her music was what first got her noticed; songs like ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ and ‘Like A Virgin’ really helped to push boundaries in pop music and from daring lyrics to a wild stage presence, Madonna has always been one to stand out from the crowd. Unsurprisingly, her dress sense was no different. And here we take a look through some of our favourite looks throughout the decades. From beauty to fashion, here are some of the most iconic Madonna photos of all time…

The Famous Red Lip

madonna red lips 80s

At the 1984 MTV Awards, Madonna rocked up in a lingerie style bridal dress complete with a “Boy Toy” belt and she finished off her look with her famous red lipstick. She told reporters that she did the makeup herself and was also heard saying, “Red is the sexiest a mouth can ever look.” From then on, Madonna was rarely seen without it.

80s Disco

madonna 80s fashion

This is definitely one of Madonna’s most recognised looks of the 1980s and it features see-through fishnet, messy crimped hair, bright neons and bold jewellery. We love this disco look and nobody rocks it quite like Madge!

Underwear as Fashion

madonna iconic outfits

Madonna was undoubtedly one of the most influential people pioneering this controversial trend. In 1989, the singer performed on stage wearing a lacy corset with men’s baggy trousers for a sexy yet slightly androgynous appeal.

The Madonna Brow

madonna eyebrows 80s

Cara D may be the bushy browed queen of the catwalk but Madonna was sporting thick, bushy slugs way before anyone else back in the 80s. She embraced her natural assets and let her brows go wild and she completed her look with her infamous red lip and her tomboy hair.

Androgynous Style

madonna 80s

Madonna was always known for her slightly boyish sense of style; from the oversized blazers and heavy leather to dungarees and hip hop style pants, her look was always sexy but androgynous at the same time. This is a still from her 1989 video ‘Express Yourself’, to which she explained: “The message of the song is that people should always say what it is they want. The time I learn how not to edit myself will be the time I consider myself a complete adult.”

Pinup Girl


Madonna began to channel her inner Marilyn Monroe in the early to mid 90s by cleaning up her look and oozing femininity. Gone was the fishnet and crimps and in came the luscious blond locks and soft brows. But despite her polished Vogue Cover, she was still looking as fierce as ever.

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Interview with Rock On Holly: Let’s Talk Vintage!

vintage style blogger

Holly from Rock On Holly is one of our favourite style bloggers and last year she styled a fabulous outfit on her blog featuring some gorgeous Style By Portobello pieces.  She showed us how to work one of a kind vintage pieces into a high street wardrobe, bringing the two worlds together seamlessly – so we decided to catch up with her this week to find out what she’s been up to since. And like old friends do, we laughed, we talked, and we also did a spot of time travelling; that’s right, we travelled back through the decades in our Style By Portobello time machine to dig a little deeper into the skeletons of Holly’s vintage wardrobe. We’re so pleased that she let us interview her, and here are her answers about how she rocks a stylish wardrobe, how she should have been born in the 1920s (we totally agree), and how her fashion sense relates more to James Dean than Audrey Hepburn! ;)

Q1: Tell us a bit about your personal style…

My personal style is quite relaxed. I like “slouchy” loose fitting items. Ripped jeans and a denim jacket are my go to pieces day to day! When I’m vintage shopping I’m always on the hunt for great patterns, prints and of course, vintage leather. I love vintage accessories like bags to add a unique finishing touch to an outfit.


Q2: If you could travel back in time to any decade, which one would you choose and why?

I would probably choose the 1920s / Downton Abbey days! I love the glamour and styling of that era. The dresses and headpieces were so decadent – and of course, I love a good party!

Q3: If you could be any vintage icon / vintage movie star, who would you be?

Grace Kelly. she was gorgeous, stylish and talented.

Q4: Which old fashioned movie would you like to star in?

I would probably be Judy Garland in Meet Me In St. Louis – her red hair and glossy red lips were so unique and different to the blonde bombshells around at the time!


Q5: Which vintage icon / musician / movie star best represents your wardrobe style?

I would love to say Audrey Hepburn, but it’s probably more like James Dean!!

Q6: And finally, what are your tips for girls who are interested in trying vintage for the first time?

I’d say start with accessories to build up your confidence – a scarf, bag or brooch can instantly update your look. And also, try on everything!! Sizes have changed over the decades and you’ll be surprised what will / won’t fit you!


Thanks to Holly for answering our questions and taking this trip through the decades with us! If you love her chic sense of style as much as we do, make sure you check out Holly’s blog > Rock On Holly. You can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram for daily OOTD pics and much more.

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People of Portobello: Vintage Accounts to Follow on Instagram

people of portobello street style

There are so many things to make you fall in love with the culture of Portobello; we have our own unique way of life you see.  But even beyond the rich history, the pretty pastel houses, the amazing food diversity, the unique street style and the endless vintage market stalls and boutiques, there’s something that runs much deeper – and that’s the people. Behind every vintage shop, every business, every stall is someone pretty darn interesting to say the least. If you know Portobello, you’ll know that our part of the world is a place for characters. So if you love British vintage and London’s distinct vintage style, come get to know the people of Portobello. Here are the best vintage and fashion accounts to follow on Instagram…

Sarah Horrillo @london.vintage

london.vintage instagram

The lovely Sarah Horrillo is a regular trader at Portobello Market and she’s definitely got some stories to tell. Once a waitress, a psychotherapist and a mosaic artist and now an expert vintage trader, Sarah’s boots are well worn in terms of experience. But she’s never felt more at home than she does today, selling beautiful vintage clothing to stylish visitors to Portobello. If you’re not swayed by fast trends and throwaway fashion, you’ll be in good company when visiting Sarah’s Instagram account @london.vintage. Because Sarah believes that the best way to shop vintage is to never adhere to trends but to choose what you like because, and we quote, “you’ll look far more stylish, individual, comfortable and confident.”

She continues, “Also be brave, if you love it wear it . . buy for yourself, not for your wardrobe. Also there’s no shame in mixing vintage with new. There are no rules…”

We love how eclectic, inclusive and exciting her vintage items are so make sure you follow Sarah on Instagram – for shopping, for fun, or just for some daily inspiration.

Claudia @282portobello

282 portobello road instagram

If you read our ‘Weekend in Notting Hill Guide‘, you’ll know that 282 Portobello Road is one of our favourite places to hang out. It’s a small piece of heaven in fact. Step inside Claudia’s shop and you’ll feel like you’ve just entered Pandora’s box of vintage treasures. We’re talking one of a kind pieces that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. We’re talking vintage clothing so unique that everyone will be asking “where did you get that?”

If you want vintage fur, vintage tweed, vintage biker jackets, authentic trilbies and fedoras or classic leather boots, you’ll find it at 282 Portobello Road. Not only does Claudia have a serious knack for styling her customers in items they may not have picked out for themselves (but end up loving all the same) but she also shares photos of her most stylish shop visitors on her @282portobello Instagram account. So get following!


people of portobello fashion

Capturing community and culture, this Instagram account is a must for anyone who is interested in our neighbourhood. Because like we say, it’s the people and the wonderful characters who really make this place so amazing. What you’ll see from @peopleofportobello is a collection of faces, places and things that will give you a sneak peek into life in our ‘hood’. If you love street style fashion, it doesn’t get any better than this. Because this is exactly what the real people of Portobello look like…expect to see some crazy looking outfits, some genius raw styling, and an awful lot of beautiful vintage clobber on men and women of all backgrounds and of all ages.

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The Bucket Bag Craze: Get a Vintage Original & Style Like a Pro

bucket bag trend 2016 vintage

We say “bucket bag”, you say “Zara”. It’s an easy connection to make if you know your high street well. But let’s look back at where this trend began… might think we’re referring to Mansur Gavriel in 2013 and that cold December morning when 95% of the website’s stock sold out in less than an hour and instagram went crazy for the bucket bag. But we assure you fellow fashionistas, designers Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel weren’t the first to turn a spade’s best friend into a fashion accessory. Sure, demand was so high for a Mansur Gavriel bucket bag that for every one bag online, there were 288 people click-fighting to buy it (may the best mouse win) and the brand are currently caught up in lawsuits with Italian brands who have copied their best-selling bucket bag design. But that’s the sort of fashion politics we’re not interested in here at Style By Portobello…

how to style a bucket bag vintage

Because the original bucket bag goes way back before 2013. And you may be thinking about your mum’s or your grandma’s Coach bag from the 1960s…..ah yes, the iconic bucket bag design brought to the world of fashion by the label’s appointed head designer, Bonnie Cashin. She even said of her bucket bag design for Coach: “The best designed handbag in the world is the paper shopping bag. So I didn’t try to improve on it.” Her if-it’s-not-broken-don’t-fix-it approach to accessory design led to one of the most time-honoured trends today, one which has really stood the test of time for women.

vintage coach bucket bags

But even before Bonnie Cashin took over at Coach, the first ever ever modern bucket bag appeared in the form of the famous Noé Bag by Louis Vuitton in 1932, originally created to transport up to 5 bottles of champagne. It wasn’t until decades later that the Noé finally got recognition as an everyday handbag or fashion accessory (although we prefer the champagne idea).

vintage bucket bags

So there we have it. We’ve got the likes of Coach, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Koret and other designer houses of that time to thank for making the bucket bag such a timeless trend today. But it doesn’t even stop there because if you delve a little deeper into the fashion archives, there are old editions of Vogue featuring bucket style designs dating back to at least the early 1900s. And whilst the original “bucket bags” didn’t gain popularity or their name until much later on, it turns out, that with a little bit of digging, the modern day bucket bag is a true turn of the century fashion item. And we’re sure that these early bucket bags took inspiration from centuries before…

beaded bags 1900s

So if you love the bucket bag trend, make your look totally authentic by choosing vintage over high street, always. We love high street (especially when we mix old and new for an eclectic OOTD) but you can’t beat the original bucket bags from decades passed. Grab yourself an original bucket bag from the 1930s, 40s, 50s, 60s or 70s and give your wardrobe a unique edge!

Love vintage handbags and accessories as much as we do? Be sure to sign up to the Style By Portobello monthly subscription box, or grab a ONE OFF box filled with vintage goodies from the famous Portobello Market in London.

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Biker Chic: A Vintage Look We Can’t Get Enough Of!

We are totally in love with this timeless vintage style trend. And we believe that every girl should have a good quality vintage leather jacket in her fashion repertoire. For spring / summer, the leather biker jacket is absolutely perfect; it’s light enough for festival season and it will keep you warm when the sun goes down. And every self-respecting biker chick knows that when the sun goes down, it’s time to come out and play. The leather trend may have begun with the rebellious rockers of the 1960s but it made a serious style comeback in the 1990s and there are some leather-clad Hollywood bad girls that we’ll never forget. If you love vintage leather and biker chic style, here are the girls of the 90s that did it best…

Kate Moss

kate moss vintage biker jacket

British supermodel Kate Moss was the face of the 90s; she may have started off her career as an innocent teen but it wasn’t before long that she gained a rebellious reputation. From her choice of rock n roll boyfriends to her party lifestyle, she’s always been a bit of a wild child. But her look was always clean and fresh-faced. Totally effortless and never try-hard.

GET THE LOOK: To steal the Kate Moss 90s look, go for a vintage biker jacket with a fitted silhouette and team with natural makeup.

Drew Barrymore

drew barrymore leather jacket

Drew was the original bad girl. As troubled child stars go, Drew Barrymore excelled in every stereotype. And her fashion sense only played homage to her rebellious ways. Not only was she the queen of grunge and biker chic leather but she was also the queen of denim. So team the two together and you’ll have winning Drew Barrymore style, so synonymous with the 90s.

GET THE LOOK: Go for your boyfriend’s leather jacket and a plain white t-shirt and some dark denim. For extra vampy points, go for dark red / plum lipstick.

Winona Ryder

winona ryder vintage leather

Don’t let the angelic face and English rose complexion fool you. For Winona Ryder was a bad chick through and through and that’s why we love her biker leather jacket look. But there was always an ethereal sense of elegance with the way she dressed; so if you’re a girly girl who also loves leather, Winona is the ultimate inspiration.

GET THE LOOK: Winona’s look was kickass but feminine at the same time so opt for a slimline leather jacket and style with a vintage band t-shirt of your choice. 

Angelina Jolie

angelina jolie vintage leather

When it came to merging inaccessible beauty with dark, grungy style, Angelina Jolie always got it right. Her look back in the 90s was seriously androgynous, yet she was one of the most desirable women of that decade. If you love her look, always go for vintage leather over high street because the Jolie look is 100% authentic.

GET THE LOOK: Team an oversized biker jacket with seductively tousled hair and a 90s vintage inspired brown / mauve lip. 

Jennifer Aniston

jen aniston vintage leather

Jen An was more ‘golden girl’ than ‘disobedient diva’ but we believe that every angel has a dark side. And when Jen wasn’t sporting perfectly straight locks and red carpet dresses, she would let her hair loose, rock ripped denim and a classic leather jacket. So even if you’re a good girl with a heart of gold, there’s still room for a biker jacket in your spring/summer wardrobe.

GET THE LOOK: Go for brown or tan leather to mix things up and style with ripped jeans for an edgy look. 

Vintage Chokers: How to Wear + Blogger Style Inspiration

Psst, we’ve got some style secrets to share with you. Word on the street is that chokers are hot for 2016 – and we can’t wait to show you how to style it up, the vintage way of course! Statement necklaces have been a big trend for a number of seasons now but according to our Fashion Week blogging insiders, this year is all about the cute 90s choker. But pfft, we don’t care too much for mainstream trends here at Style By Portobello. Because we’ve loved vintage chokers and vintage necklaces since the beginning of time! ;) If you’re in love with the dreamy 90s choker like we are, take some style tips from our favourite vintage bloggers. They’re rocking the vintage choker look *sighs with admiration*.

Girls, we applaud you because you’re all looking on point…

TIP #1: Go For Feminine Lace

how to wear a vintage choker

Chokers don’t have to be overly grungy. Yes, it’s 90s. Yes, Drew Barrymore wore chokers whilst smoking cigarettes. But if you want a bit more of a feminine edge than the badass vibe (though we love that too), try teaming a white lacey choker with some chic Breton stripes, like our girl Alanna from Xander Vintage. We love how this mermaid haired blogger has created the perfect hybrid between ‘preppy Parisian’ with ’90s festival chic’. The finished result? A totally unique rendition of vintage styling at its best. We love this look so much and it’s so fitting for spring / summer. 

Visit Alanna’s cool vintage blog over at

TIP #2: Mix and Match

how to wear a vintage choker

Chokers and vintage necklaces should be treated like a pick n mix and that’s the real beauty; when you start to create your own eclectic story by mixing up the decades. Ellie from Rose and Vintage Blog is one of our all time favourite style bloggers and we love how she shows us her vintage necklace mash-up in this #OOTD. 

Visit Ellie’s edgy vintage blog over at 

TIP #3: Go Full On Gothic

how to wear a vintage choker blogger

Get the full 90s gothic look by teaming a cool vintage choker with a dark lippy like this blogging babe, Kayla Hadlington! Whatever you do, don’t do things by halves because this trend is all about drama; style a velvet top with dark denim and don’t forget the smokey eyes. Perfect for festivals or nights out.

Visit Kayla’s cool and quirky blog over at 

TIP #4: Glam it Up with Glitter

how to wear a vintage choker blogger

This look is a mix of 80s disco vibes and 90s grunge; and what a perfect marriage that is! Blogging queen Amelia Breading is looking hot as hell in this fun, funky party ensemble and we think she’s styled up her choker just perfectly. This look is sweet but seductive at the same time so if you’re looking for tips on how to wear your vintage choker, do it like Amelia and go for an evening glam ensemble.

Visit Amelia’s fabulous blog over at 

TIP #5: Meet Your Inner Mermaid

how to wear a choker vintage blogger

There aren’t enough words to express just how much we love vintage style blogger Alice Varney from Alice Tinted Glasses. Her style sense is so true to the world of vintage fashion and she’s always a great source of inspiration for the Style By Portobello team. This look is so ethereal and romantic, we just had to share it. Team natural locks with fairy-like pinks and soft shimmer makeup then finish with a delicate choker for the perfect summer festival outfit.

Visit Alice’s amazing blog over at 

BIG LOVE to the bloggers we’ve featured this week. We’re crushing on your style and we hope you’ll share this post to spread the vintage choker love. ;) For vintage accessories and jewellery delivered to your door every month, don’t forget to check out the Style By Portobello subscription box. Or SHOP NOW for a one-off gift box, perfect as a gift or a treat for yourself.

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Vintage Spotlight: 282 Portobello Road for Vintage Footwear

where to buy vintage shoes london

Last week, we shared our miniature Guide to Notting Hill in a Weekend, and Style By Portobello’s founder (and long term resident) Nzinga Russell shared her tips on the best places to eat, drink and shop. Nzinga also gave us a little tip about one of her favourite vintage shops, 282 Portobello Road…“If you’re looking for vintage shops then 282 Portobello Road is the place. Owner, Claudia, has the best eye for what will suit you.”

282 Portobello Road is a trove of amazing one-of-a-kind pieces. It’s the type of shop you walk into not intending to spend, but then you’ll find yourself walking out with the type of garments that will have everyone you know asking “Where did you get that from?”

where to buy vintage shoes london

And when it comes to vintage shoes? You’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven. Walking into Claudia’s shop is like opening a treasure chest of the most amazing vintage loafers, vintage brogues, boots and heels – all of which are in amazing condition.

As much as we love vintage fashion, we admit that shopping for vintage shoes isn’t easy and can be off-putting for even the most avid vintage shoppers; sizing can be a major issue with vintage footwear (trying on in store is essential) and quality can be a problem when you factor in natural wear and tear. Because of this, most vintage boutiques focus their product range on clothing and outerwear. That’s why shops like 282 Portobello Road are so wonderfully rare…

best vintage shops in london

The truth about vintage footwear is that they are often much better quality than the throwaway shoes of today. Handmade and hand finished, vintage shoes are built to last and last. Claudia’s vintage shop offers a huge (and ever growing) collection of one-off vintage shoes in every size; if you’ve got a thing for real leather loafers, high quality handmade brogues or gorgeous leather boots, this is the place you need to check out in London.

best vintage shops london

Pop in and see Claudia and don’t forget to follow 282 Portobello Road on Instagram if you want a sneak peek into the world of Notting Hill life; Claudia loves to post daily photos of her most stylish customers so it’s a fantastic account for vintage style inspiration, and we just love it!

For other vintage accessories such as jewellery, brooches, bags, belts and scarves, be sure to sign up to our monthly style subscription box.  We deliver one of a kind vintage gems hand-selected from the iconic Portobello Market. And for more information on our local area or tips on vintage fashion and vintage shopping in London, sign up to our newsletter.

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A Weekend in Notting Hill: Mini Neighbourhood Guide

There are fewer places in London as wonderful as Notting Hill. With its colourful houses and stylish boutiques, it’s quaint and full of diversity. Yet just 50 years ago…..things were rather different…..

notting hill visitor guide

The last 40 years have seen an incredible transformation and today we’re left with the most incredible cultural hybrid: a diverse and affluent neighbourhood, a safe and welcoming place for every ethnic minority, a vibrant atmosphere, inviting white-washed terraces and pastel coloured houses, and a bustling market that we vintage lovers like to call home. If you’re here for the weekend, take a few tips from Style By Portobello‘s founder, former vintage stall holder and long term resident, Nzinga Russell. She’s got all the insider tips to make your weekend a memorable one. Here’s a little guide to exploring Notting Hill in a weekend…



Nzinga says: “Start your Saturday morning off like a local and grab a bite to eat at Ottolenghi on Ledbury Road.”

notting hill breakfast guide

Ottolenghi is a great place to pick up a delicious pastry or a healthy breakfast. Nzinga tells us that it’s always packed but totally worth it.

Once fuelled, head to Portobello Road and indulge in some fab shopping – vintage of course! Great jewellery to be found at the top of the Bello just after the junction with Westbourne Grove. Divine clothing on the stalls under the white canopy at Portobello Green (junction of Portobello Road and Cambridge Gardens). Our current favourite stalls are Natalie’s and Charlie’s. They are pretty much next door to each other on the Cambridge Road side. (If you can start your weekend early and get to the market on a Friday then Sarah’s stall is fab. She’s on Instagram @london.vintage).

Nzinga says: “If you’re looking for vintage shops then 282 Portobello Road is the place. Owner, Claudia, has the best eye for what will suit you.”


where to eat acklam village

By now it’s lunch time so you just have to sample the global street food at Acklam Village. They’ve always got great live music playing too. Then it’s off to Graffik Gallery for a bit of contemporary street art at its best.

art notting hill graffik gallery

After your culture fix comes your coffee fix. So on you walk back up to Notting Hill Gate and make a little pit stop at The Farm Girl Cafe. We love it in there.



Nzinga says: “So Sunday is chill day. And there’s no better way to chill than at a matinée at the Electric Cinema.”

notting hill guide cinema

The Electric Cinema is a historical wonder and the interiors of the cinema room feature 65 leather armchairs complete with side table and footstool, as well as three double seater sofas and six double beds with cashmere blankets. Now that’s what we call “chill”.


vintage shopping guide notting hill

For another shopping fix, Nzinga tells us that the Sunday Market is a real undiscovered gem; so after your film, head back to the white canopy at Portobello Green. After your last bit of vintage bargain hunting you can finish off ‘Scandi style’ at Lisa’s Kitchen & Bar.

Nzinga says: “Don’t miss Lisa’s; we love the interiors as much as we love the food.”

food guide notting hill


At the end of a long day, there’s nothing better than relaxing and putting your feet up, wherever your digs may be. But here in Notting Hill, hotels and guesthouses aren’t the only option for visitors.

Nzinga says: “I recommend booking with Air BnB so you can really get a taste of our ‘hood’.”

guide to notting hill

And let’s not forget dinnertime in Notting Hill either. Because the Notting Hill neighbourhood is a brilliant place to wine and dine, especially if you love gastronomy, quality local ingredients and amazing, diverse food from all corners of the globe.

nightlife guide notting hill

Goode & Wright on Portobello Road has a lovely bistro feel. Then cap the night off at Notting Hill Arts Club. Great music, great crowd.

We hope you enjoy your visit and have a fantastic time in Notting Hill. If you follow our recommendations and love your experience, then we want to hear about it! Tweet us on @stylebybello or share your Instagram snaps with us on @stylebyportobello – we’d love to see what you’ve been up to! And please don’t forget to share this Notting Hill visitor’s guide with anyone who may be coming to Notting Hill in the future…

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